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The Apple M1 chip takes Apple’s most versatile,
do-it-all desktop into another dimension. With up to 3x faster
CPU performance. Up to 6x faster graphics. And Apple’s most
advanced Neural Engine for up to 15x faster machine learning.
Get ready to work, play and create on Mac mini with speed
and power beyond anything you ever imagined.

m1 chip Supercharged by the Apple M1 chip


Small chip. Giant leap.

It’s here. Apple’s first chip designed specifically for Mac. Packed
with an astonishing 16 billion transistors, the Apple M1 system on
a chip (SoC) integrates the CPU, GPU, Neural Engine, I/O and so
much more onto a single tiny chip. With incredible performance,
custom technologies and industry-leading power efficiency,
M1 is not a next step for Mac — it’s another level entirely.

m1 chip large


8-core CPU

Max power,
mini footprint.

M1 packs astonishing speed and power
into Mac mini. The 8-core CPU
delivers up to 3x faster processing
performance than the previous
generation — all while keeping
its iconic 7.7-inch-square design.


Incredible chip in. Unbelieveable graphics out.

The 8-core GPU in the M1 chip is the
most advanced graphics processor
Apple has built to date, full stop.
And it brings extremely fast integrated
graphics to Mac mini, with a gigantic
6x increase in graphics performance.
That’s an insane amount of power —
all in an incredibly compact enclosure.



Up to


faster graphics performance

Machine learning

16-core Neural Engine.
It’s the brains of the operation.

Machine learning (ML) brings
task-smashing speed and
automation to video analysis,
voice recognition, image processing
and more. And the M1 chip brings a
16-core Neural Engine and full stack
of ML technologies, transforming
Mac mini into an ML powerhouse.


Neural Engine

Up to


Faster ML performance

macOS Big Sur

The power of
macOS Big Sur
on M1.

Developed to unlock the potential
of the M1 chip, macOS Big Sur
transforms Mac with major
performance benefits and so much
more. Powerful updates for apps. A
beautiful new design. Industry-leading
privacy features and best-in-class
security. It’s Apple’s most powerful
software ever — running on Apple’s
most advanced hardware yet.


Neural Engine

Up to


Faster ML performance

Speed and responsiveness

The M1 chip and macOS Big Sur
work together to make the entire
system snappier. Mac mini wakes
almost instantly from sleep. Everyday
things like flipping through photos and
browsing Safari are faster. And your
hardest-working apps all have access
to the power they need.

More power.

Wakes faster.

Biggest collection of apps ever

Run powerful apps built for M1. All your
existing apps work thanks to Rosetta 2.
And for the first time, you can use your
favourite iPhone and iPad apps directly
on macOS Big Sur. Altogether you’ll
have access to the biggest collection
of apps ever for Mac.

Biggest collection of apps

Compact design

The integration of technologies on
the M1 chip allows Mac mini to blow away
computers many times its size —
taking on intensive tasks while
consuming up to 60 per cent less
energy than the previous generation.

Mac Mini Compact Design



Minus the tower.

Unified memory

One RAM to rule them all.

The M1 chip brings up to 16GB
of superfast unified memory.
This single pool of high-bandwidth,
low-latency memory allows apps to
share data between the CPU, GPU
and Neural Engine efficiently —
so everything you do is fast and fluid.

SSD storage

Mac mini comes with all-flash storage —
up to a whopping 2TB SSD for all
your photo and video libraries, files
and apps.And with speeds up to
3.4GB/s, apps and files launch and
load in an instant.


The M1 chip and macOS Big Sur give
Mac mini advanced security and privacy
features beyond anything in its class,
helping to keep your system and your
data protected.

Mac mini security

Keep it secure.

Keep it safe.


Fits in. Rocks out.

With its compact size, incredible performance and wide array of ports,
Mac mini is perfect for a surprising range of uses like gaming and
digital art creation. And with the powerful M1 chip unleashed within
its 7.7-inch-square frame, you never know where you’ll find a Mac mini
hard at work — from home offices to music studios and more.


and expansion

Connect and conquer

With two astoundingly fast Thunderbolt / USB 4 ports, two USB-A ports,
HDMI 2.0, Wi-Fi 6 and Gigabit Ethernet, Mac mini is up for anything
and everything.

Thunderbolt / USB 4

Transfer data at up to 40Gb/s.
Charge and power external devices.
Connect one external display up
to 6K and a second with HDMI 2.0
up to 4K.

Wi-Fi 6

Another first for Mac mini, Wi-Fi 6
delivers better all-round performance
and up to 1.2Gb/s of throughput —
for lightning-fast file transfers or
backing up to Time Machine.

Mac mini wifi-6

up to 1.2Gb/s throughput

Find the right Mac for you.

Mac mini

m1 chip large
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